Fivestar Improvements

Project overview

Fivestar Improvements is a masonry contractor located in Manalapan, New Jersey. Prior to our work they were operating with only a Facebook page. This small business hired us to build a customer focused comprehensive website to showcase the various type of services they offer, as well to attract new clients from specific geographic areas.

Screenshot of the home page for use on Boheema web design's portfolio page
Screen grab of the masonry services page for to be used on Boheema's web design portfolio page

Our Approach

With a busy work schedule, Christian – the owner of Fivestar Improvements, had no time to plan his website, so he entrusted us with the task. We were given a list of job types he covered and an image gallery, nothing more.

Based on the business owners requirements and an extensive reasearch we did to familiarize ourself with the masonry industry, we created an SEO friendly, competitively designed website targeting his location and desired customer base.

Screenshot of the paver maintenance page on for’s web design portfolio
Screenshot of the About Us page on for’s web design portfolio
Screenshot of the Fivestar Improvements areas of coverage page for New Jersey for’s web design portfolio

The Work