Tamara New York

Project overview

Tamara came to us with a vision of a simple, minimalist website to showcase some of her hair dressing work in New York City. Tamara covers weddings and special occasions, providing one on one tailored service to all her clients. She also offers training classes for aspiring hair stylists.

Her site includes two gallery pages to showcase her work, a training page, as well as a testimonials page and minimalist contact/bio pages.

TamaraNewYork.com home page screenshot for the Boheema.com web design portfolio

Our Approach

Working closely with Tamara, we focused on her artistic vision, crafting a minimalist website that speaks volumes about her work. Emphasizing her desire for simplicity, we stripped away distractions, ensuring visitors’ attention is solely captivated by her creations. The website is a canvas, with images of her work taking center stage, inviting viewers into Tamara’s artistic world with clarity and elegance.

Screenshot of TamaraNewYork.com's creative hair dressing portfolio page
Screenshot of TamaraNewYork.com's testimonials page for Boheema.com’s web design portfolio
Screenshot of TamaraNewYork.com's bio page for Boheema.com’s web design portfolio

The Work